Weekly Reflection – Week 9

What:  This week we have been exploring how to make Book Trailers, We have made documentaries and have had a game with Lou’s class ‘A dozen fresh eggs’ . In buddy class we have been making rakau sticks and poi.

So What: I learnt how to work cooperatively with a buddy and lots of new skills in imovie – I have learnt a bit about Book Trailers and have watched a few book trailers. I learnt how to make poi in buddy class.

Now What: Now I want to focus on getting my inquiry underway. I am looking forward to presenting it. To do this I will have to sort out all of our information.

Term 4, Week 7

What: This week my arm is feeling MUCH MUCH better than last week I have now got a blue glow in the dark cast. It was very sore in the first two days but it’s alright now, Luckily my cast is coming off just before Christmas. Tuesday next week is Athletics I will be helping Stephen with the high jump Athletics is being held at the ‘Massey University Athletics Track’.

So What: This week in maths we have been learning about Area And Perimeter the perimeter of an object is adding up what the length and width is. In E-Learning time I have been learning how to make a Photo Peach about all of the websites for The student blogging challenge.

Now What: Next week I want to focus on helping Stephen with the High Jump and getting my homework in on time.

Term 4 Week 4

What: This week I have been doing athletics practice. We do this every Wednesday for an exercise that happens in week 8. On Thursday we wrote a report to the board then they have a meeting with our principal. They talk about what we have been doing in class then they try and make our school better. They can’t it’s already perfect. We have been learning about Andy Warhol art and we have been making some.

So What: This week we have been learning about Andy Warhol art and we have made a KidPix version and a BeFunky version. For the student blogging challenge we have learnt how to make a quiz on MyStudiyo about Palmerston North. We have been starting to learn about forces for our CO2 cars.

Now What: Next week I want to learn more about friction and forces for our CO2 cars.

Term 4 Week 3

What: This week we have done lots around forces I have learnt lots about Friction this week. We are starting an art unit on Andy Warhol and last week Stephen asked us to bring in a can and a toy car I think it has something to do with it.

So What: This week we have learnt how to make 3D shapes and name them. In sport we have been learning lots about athletics for the real thing. In writing we learnt about conjunctions and apostrophes. Yesterday Our class and our buddy class did fitness together. I have learnt lots about editing since we published our recent Street Talk episode.

Now What: Next week we are going to learn about Forces so we are ready to make our CO2 Racing Cars.I am going to try hard to follow the posting guidelines next week.

Term 4 Week 1

What: This week I have been doing The Digiridoos new news show. In maths we have started Problem Solving, We have been doing our Student Blogging Challenge. Yesterday we did Music with Jennifer. I helped Jennifer set up school singing yesterday as well. We have done our avatars and we put them on the sidebar of our blog.

So What: I learnt how to make a voki and add it into our sidebar. I learnt how to perform under pressure in the skype challenge against Auroa School. I learnt how to make a news show.

Now What: Finish My Pick A Path Story and finish the first street talk news show.

Term 3 Week 7

What: This week we have done a science myth comic life my one was about can robots rule? the answer is UNKNOWN. I have been doing a solar system keynote In this we need to include a title and information about the planet we are researching. The digiridoos have been doing science experiments we have already have done the Mentos and Coke experiment and the how many teaspoons of sugar are in our 1.5 litre cokes bottles. I did the computer at school singing for Jennifer our music teacher.

So What: This week I have learnt how to play gates you have 2 gatekeepers and they try to tag you pretty much like seaweed. I have learnt how to add a photo link to our blog I have done one to http://www.theinsandouts.co.nz that is our class blog. I have been learning about the planets and making a keynote about them. I have learnt that there are 11-12 teaspoons of sugar in a 1.5 litre coke bottle.

Now What: This week I have tried to be a good listener so I can be the P.O.W and I even got my homework it so I have a shot. I want to strive to get 20 credits next week.

Term 3 Week 6

What: This week we have done a mentos and coke experiment and it looks like a fountain, I have done a basketball player with cardboard so I was a fashion designer. I had fun doing it because I had to strive to get it done. We have done music with Jennifer and school singing with Jennifer. I have done a Blog Business Card with Kidpix and only three of them are getting given out.

So What: This week in maths I have learnt the split strategy to make timetables easier to do. I learnt that coke is attracted to the mentos and mentos has 10 little holes and it all rushes to it and lots of it fountains out of the bottle. We have started to learn 26 more capitals for the skype challenge in week 10 with Auroa School so we want to win so we try to learn more capitals. Everyday and it’s quite fun and we have little Boys VS Girls competition with capitals to see who can go to break first hopefully boys today.

Now what: I am going to strive to learn more capitals and get more credits. I am going to also try to be an independent worker.

Term 3 Week 5

What: This week Troy my old teacher left to teach in Dubai and Stephen is my new teacher took over. He likes sport and I like him as a teacher we have already played lots of games like four corners. We have done our digital Calender Art, the theme is “Family” we have made Bussiness Cards for our blog http://theinsandouts.co.nz, I have finished both of those tasks. Stephen is really cool. I have also been doing Mathletics.

So what: This week I have learnt how to play Four Corners Capital Style you get into groups and the teacher calls out a country and we say the Capital City. I have learnt how to insert my photo into pages with a picture. We learnt how to play flags but we play with tennis balls. I have learnt 26 capital cities and in maths I have been learning the subtract the parts strategy.

Now what: I want to get use to Stephen being different than Troy I also want to write better and learn more Capital Cities.

Term 3, Week 3

What: This week I have done maths we have started another unit Understand Place Value also I have been doing a sideshow about Vietnam. I have been invited to Jakob’s 9th birthday and he is going to action sports and have lots of sports that we are going to play. We have been reading Percy Jackson as a class and it is quite scary. We had strike come they are a drumming band we also had Zero Waste come to teach us about recycling.

So What: This week we learnt a new class maths game called Bowl-A-Fact you roll 2-5 dice then you come up with an equation that gets rid of a number. I have learnt about Vietnam the capital city is Hanoi and their currency is Dong.

Now What: This week I want to participate in soccer.

Term 3 Week 2

What: This week we had student led conferences It is where you show your parents what you have been doing all term and I have started doing my literacy keynote about Basket Boats around Vietnam I have learnt that their currency is Dong and Basket Boats are watertight because they have a sticky resign applied to make it watertight and they make basket boats with green bamboo because It is stronger than normal bamboo. I am half way through my Basket Boat Keynote at the moment I have The Currency, Language, and Other Uses. I am starting to get my maths done and I think I am getting better at it

So What: I have learnt more about Basket Boats and How to do Keynotes I have been learning about Weight Length and Time in maths and I am starting to get better at Time and I think the hardest one is Weight and my easiest is Legnth but I still have trouble. I learnt how to do word worksheets Lisa brought them in when she was being our teacher I thought they were very very fun and awesome because they were challenging.

Now What: I want to get 15 more credits.