My Day At School

We start our school at 8:55 and finish at 3:00. Our Principal’s name is David and our teacher’s name is Stephen. Our lunch time is at 12:55 and finishes at 1:45 and our brunch time is at 10:55 and finishes at 11:25.

We stay in the same class all day with the same teacher apart from when we do music with our school’s music teacher Jennifer. Most of the children in our class drive to school in their car, not many walk.

I like being able to stay in one classroom for the whole year because then we can put our art or work up in that classroom. I really enjoy going to Russell Street School.

Challenge #6


2 thoughts on “My Day At School

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  2. Hi Finn,
    I enjoyed reading about your school day. Most of the children I teach also get driven to school. Not many children walk to school anymore.

    What is brunchtime? Do you eat a snack at this time or do you go out to play?

    Keep up the great work!
    from Ms. Tieppo

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