Challenge # 1

Students and classes should visit my blog because I think that my posts are interesting. I think that I am going to be posting more about learning next term so you should check it out. In the future I want my blog to be more about my learning and great hard work and great achievement.

You could learn something new that you will use in everyday life and get idea’s for your classroom like Weekly Reflections and Blog Buddies. See cool videoes and pictures and get cool Art idea’s for your classroom and so much more.

You could get some awesome experiments to do at home or at school. Find out some cool games and links. You could have a look at my posts from Deb’s class in 2009.

Student Challenge 2010

Picture 1

6 thoughts on “Challenge # 1

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  2. Dear Finn,

    I am in Mrs. Yollis’ class. We are also in the blogging challenge. I am looking forward to it. Are you looking forward to it?

    Mrs. Yollis’ student

  3. Hi Finn,
    I like your blog. It easy to read. What is the weather like where you are? It is really hot here. It was 107 degrees today.
    Mrs. Yollis’ class

  4. Hi Finn,

    I am Mrs. Benjamin and I am a fifth grade teacher from the United States.

    I look forward to reading your posts, and getting some of those great art ideas you talked about!

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