Term 4 Evaluation

Term four has whizzed by and we can’t believe that it is nearly Christmas.  Just like every other term, we have been extremely busy with lots of different experiences and exciting learning.

Some highlights for us have been Seed2Table with Joy.  We loved going into the kitchen every Friday and enjoyed the surprise of the menu each week.  Some of the skills we learned included dicing, chopping, trying new foods, whisking, mixing, planting, weeding, and identifying plants.  By far, the best part was celebrating our achievements and going to Ross Intermediate for our final week – the dessert (Eton mess) was definitely a big hit!

Athletics day was a great day filled with lots of activity and fun.  We pushed ourselves to the limits to achieve the best that we could.  Kiwi house won the overall points!

At the start of Term 4 we all completed PAT tests.  Without exception, every single member of Digibots made significant improvement on their results.  Approximately one-third of us were assessed at 2years above our current level and still did extremely well – what stars!

The end of term has seen us celebrating all of our wonderful achievements.  We had Monday Fun-Day to celebrate great learning.  This included wearing pjs, shared lunch, waterslide, treasure hunt, game of flags and a movie.

Reports went home on Tuesday and we were able to share with our families the fabulous progress we have made in 2011.


Happy holidays!

Monday Funday

.On Monday we had a Monday Funday.

Here are some of the things that we did


  • PJ’s
  • Waterslide
  • Treasure hunt
  • Shared Lunch
  • Movie

My favourtie thing to do was Waterslide because it was really slipery, the shared lunch was really nice.



WALT: Use SiSoMo effectively.
(Sight, Sound, Motion)Criteria:
– Clear images
– good lighting/minimal shadows
– Interesting camera angles
– Connected/well matched to sound
– Title and/or captions
– Credits
– sounds match the actions
– some music, to set the tone/scene or mood
– message communicated with some voice
– message communicated with some sound effects
– all sounds clear
– small movements = smooth animation

Final Seed 2 Table!

On Friday it was the last Seed 2 Table of 2011. It was a great experience we went to Ross Intermediate. We used their kitchens they have about 6 kitchen stations.

This week in S2T my group made: Eton Mess, Chicken Meat balls and Stuffing Balls.

New things I have learned this week include how to know when when vegetables are cooked, Learning when to give other people a go.

I liked the Chicken Meat Balls best because they were soft but chewy.

This week, I feel really proud of the way I shared.

My Favorite was Chicken Meatballs I liked them because they were bite sized and were smooth and soft.

I thought it was fun cooking in small groups and cooking your own lunch it was better just having a kitchen to ourselves rather than 1 small kitchen to share.

I think I will miss doing Seed 2 Table because I learnt some good social skills as well.